Facebook Catalog Documentation

   Facebook Catalog Feature allows you to easily establish a link between your e-commerce platform (e.g. Lazada, Shopify, etc.) and Facebook Messenger chatbot. Generally, e-commerce businesses have their products available for sales on e-commerce platform. Facebook catalog feature provides the flexibility for the e-commerce business to make their products become available for sales on chatbot channel.

Figure 1: Method Overview

According to Fig.1, e-commerce businesses have the ability to access and configure their selling products on e-commerce platform and Facebook catalog. Then, Hbot platform will automatically create an integration between chatbot and e-commerce platform inventory. This enables the customers to search/purchase products on chatbot channel.

How to create Facebook Catalog:

1. Go to Facebook Catalog website: https://web.facebook.com/index.php?next=https%3A%2F%2Fweb.facebook.com%2Fproducts and login to your account.

2. Please select your business category and click “Next”.

3. Please click on “Add Products” button

4. Select “Use Data Feeds”

5. Upload an excel file of your product

6. Complete

How to setup:

1. Go to Facebook for business website: https://business.facebook.com/ and click on “LOG IN” button on the top right

2. Please input your login credentials and click “Log in” button.

3. Once you login, you will see the list of businesses that you own. Please select the business which you have the product catalogs available.

4. You can validate whether you have products or not by checking on the left panel (red square).

5. Please copy the catalog ID from the URL address (red square) and paste it on the “Business ID” text field in step 9.

6. Open a new window and go to URL: https://hbot-catalog.herokuapp.com and click on “Login with Facebook” button

7. You will be redirected to Facebook for login if you’re not logged in otherwise please see step 9.

8. Please click on “OK” button to allow our application to access your data.

9. You will be redirected to our homepage. On the left panel, it will display all the Facebook pages that belong to you. Please click on one of the pages and input the Business ID from step 5. Then, click on “PLUG” button.

10. Our platform will display the available products on Facebook Catalog. You can click on “Add” to display the products on Facebook Messenger as Facebook carousel. You can add the product up to 10 items.

11. Once you finish adding the product, please click on “SUBMIT” button. The platform will promptly display a link for you to redirect to Facebook Messenger.

12. Please test by typing “I want” followed by the product name on Facebook Messenger.